Unlike most wedding coordinators I didn’t grow up planning Barbie and Ken’s wedding. Instead I was a tomboy in every way possible, from playing all kinds of sports to climbing trees and building forts. My childhood was spent stirring up mischief in a small town called Alvin. I was never the “party girl” but always enjoyed planning the party instead of partaking in it. It wasn’t until I met the love of my life that I discovered my passion for weddings. I coordinated several friends’ weddings for fun and fell in love with being the ring leader behind the scenes. Soon word got out and spread like wildfire that I was doing events and I began thinking that I should capitalize on this but was a little timid to take the giant leap of faith that is required when starting your own business. My amazingly supportive, patient and loving husband and family gave me the courage to start my own business and thus was born Lean on Me Events!

Being a wedding coordinator is not a job to me, it’s a privilege and because I treasure it so much I have made it my personal mission to ensure that my clients’ dreams come true. I believe each wedding should be a direct reflection of the couple’s personality and no two weddings are ever the same. However they will ALL be, without a doubt, fabulous and stress-free. To me it is more than just finding the perfect dress or venue, I make it a priority to get to know who I am working with so I can instantly relieve the stress and confusion of a complex wedding planning process. It is my passion to give you the event filled with love and attention to detail that you have dreamed of since you were a little girl playing dress up in Mommy’s wedding gown. So what are you waiting for?? Let me take you by the hand and help you turn your dream day into a smashing success that your guests will be talking about for weeks!

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