Fresh Air

Happy August y’all! Can you believe fall is right around the corner already?? It seems like just yesterday I was giving the hubs a big ‘ol smooch on New Year’s Eve!

I don’t know about you but these past few months have been a whirlwind for me. Since March I’ve had at least one event every weekend. Very thankful to have been blessed with the business and especially my sweet brides but oh my, did I need a break! I started to feel like I wanted to avoid all forms of communication like the plague.

I felt like if I even dared to look at my phone or computer it was going to ring or an email was going to pop up with someone needing something. That’s when I realized I needed a break. A reboot. A breath of fresh air. When I started this business I heard rumors about how this industry could consume you and swallow you whole. I promised myself that if I ever felt anything less than appreciative I’d take a break even if it was just for a weekend. So in order to save my gratitude, the hubby’s ears from complaints, and my sanity I heavily studied my calendar, discovered a three day window of opportunity and called the one person I knew would drop everything for a little girl time…my mama.

Both of our lives seem to revolve around detailed schedules so we decided to hit the road with absolutely zero plans and didn’t make a single reservation. We hopped in her Four-Runner and headed West (literally). It was the most glorious three days I’ve had in a long time.

We had lots of girl chats, blasted a wedding mix from one of my sweet brides, and stopped at random antique shops. In Brenham we came across a brochure which listed all of the hot spots in town. I began calling all of the B & Bs and we decided to stay at the first one that had availability which happened to be the Brenham House. Y’all if you ever have a chance to stay here please do! It was wonderful! The owners had the best southern hospitality and didn’t mind one bit that we had called at the last minute.

pics4We arrived literally 5 minutes after we confirmed our stay and this greeted us on the front porch.

pics5Isn’t my mama cute!

pic1Our suite had a library with the most delicious hot tea and coffee station ready and waiting for us.

pics6One of the books in the library…thought it was funny.

picOur 3 course breakfast table set up. It was delicious!!


The above picture was taken on the last leg of our little get-away. We decided to stay with my Aunt Donna who has the most gorgeous water-front property in Wimberly. The last evening of our trip was spent sitting in rocking chairs on her big back porch gazing at the river while the breeze swept through. We laughed, told stories and eventually had a chat about a few dreams we had up our sleeve. My Aunt Donna is quite possibly one of the most creative people I know so stay tuned for a few details possibly leading to a new business adventure!

While chatting about business I had a whole new wave of gratitude hit me. I realized that while being on a vacation intended to get away from ‘work’ that I was thoroughly enjoying chatting about ‘work’. I guess this is the tell tell sign of loving what you do and loving being able to help others do what they love as well.

I ended my extended weekend at a fabulous open house that Pecan Springs was hosting. I was able to meet over 200 glowing brides and say hello to a few familiar faces. Today I woke up for my morning bike ride with the hubs feeling completely refreshed and extremely thankful for this life!

BIG thank you to my mama for lots of quality girl time and cherished memories made! I love you. I love you. I love you!




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