How, not Why

I have lots of wedding goodness to share with you from recent weddings lately. However, I feel like it has been laid on my heart to put that aside for now and talk about something a little deeper.

Sunday the hubs and I went to church. It was just like any other normal Sunday – the sun was peeking through a few clouds and we were in good spirits laughing and flirting with each other on the drive there. We went through our normal routine of hugging friends, introducing ourselves to new friends, giving offering, and singing praise. I was particularly excited because it was a baby dedication day which is one of my favorites.

Then our pastor began his sermon on the book of Job. At this point in time I feel obligated to say that my life is pretty peachy. There’s much for me to be thankful for; happy marriage, thriving business, the picture of health etc. So I’m still in the process of trying to wrap my head around why this sermon struck me so deep. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience Job yet; it’s about a man who’s faith was brutally tested in the shortest amount of time. He went from being rich in livestock, family, and health to having his livestock/possessions all destroyed, his children killed, and Satan smites him with painful boils. After all of this Job praises the Lord by saying, “Lord giveth and Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

I’ve heard the story of Job before but for some reason when our pastor continued the lesson on How, not Why it went a little deeper this time.

God loves us unconditionally and the beauty of love is free choice, which He gave us. Many of us have experienced heartache, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, health issues, financial struggles etc. I think the most natural reaction to challenging times is asking ‘Why’. Why me? Why did this happen? Why did two of the biggest tornadoes recorded have to hit the same place twice? Why did four of our brothers and sisters have to be taken away? Why, why, why?

What I learned Sunday is that instead of asking ‘Why’ we should be asking ‘How’. How can I use this bad hand I’ve been dealt to help myself? How can I use this to help others? How will I cling to the Lord to get through this? How will I praise Him in this storm?

Fight or Flight — we’ve all heard of it. When something excruciating happens our natural instinct is to take flight. But I believe God wants us to fight. He wants us to fight against that natural instinct of asking ‘Why did you do this to me’ and instead fight for our relationship with Him. He gave us free choice, let’s continue to choose Him even in the most challenging of times.

“If we praise God during good circumstances and not during bad circumstances, we’re not praising God we’re praising good circumstances.” Amen!

If you’d like to listen to the sermon that inspired this post it can be found HERE.

One thought on “How, not Why

  1. This has been my life since March 9, 2013 – I have not experienced all that Job did, however, my life is being tested beyond what I ever dreamed could be…. The pain runs deep… At these times, thankfully, being a Christian and finding a Christian Counselor, I was reminded over and over that I am a Child of God, no matter the circumstances, He is with me, do not turn from Him but Trust in Him, Love Him, Follow Him, Read His Word, even when it’s getting worse, Thank God for being your Heavenly Father and Loving you and helping you through it all…. And you know…. Only by the Love and The Grace of God am I here today! I’m grateful that The Book of Job is in The Bible as it guides me daily at this time…. I desire prayers from those who so kindly pray for others, as that is my only way to survive something that so many others around me can not even begin to comprehend has happened… Yet God knows… He understands… At my deepest darkest hours, such as Job’s, that’s when you call on your only Help – God – and He is always there. Thank you for allowing me to share and I pray I may help others some day as they struggle with life’s unfortunate destructive paths they must travel.
    May God Bless!

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