You are beaYOUtiful.

Dear insecure, teenage Linds,

Don’t believe them. You are beautiful. You are enough.


halfway, grownup Linds

There’s a story I’ve been wanting to tell about myself actually there are a few stories I’d like to tell but we’ll start with this one. When I was growing up I had a pretty great childhood; two happily married parents who loved me unconditionally, a brother as a best friend, a nice roof over my head, I participated in lots of sports and was half way decent at a couple. I was a happy kid. I didn’t think about it much back then but in looking back I think I defined my happiness by whether or not the sun was shining so I could go play outside. Simple.

I’m not sure when or where or why or how but somewhere along the way my definition of happy changed. I guess if I had to pinpoint an area of my life that this took place I’d have to say junior high or high school. Again I never really thought about it much back then but in looking back this would be my best guess. These years brought out teenage insecurities and a temporary belief that my peers, my ‘friends’ were right. I was just a skinny-freckled-face-red-headed-tomboy. Although I don’t remember ever wishing I looked different or like anyone in particular, I also don’t remember loving my looks.

jr high

Picture dated somewhere between 8th & 9th grade.

Skip forward a few years, a few ex-best friends, a few ex-boyfriends and enter Dane. We met our sophomore year in college (I’ll tell our full story in another post) and while we didn’t date until years later he had this unique quality of making me like that skinny-freckled-face-red-head from the moment I met him. Like all of the other times before I didn’t realize it then but in looking back he was my light. He believed in me, he made me laugh (constantly; big-happy-tears-laugh) and he made me like ME. It was a revelation. I began to see things differently (literally), the grass was greener, the sky bluer, birds were singing.

What’s the point of all this? The point is I pray that everyone finds their Dane or at least someone who loves you for you and in turn makes you love you. It’s funny that we view ourselves differently than others view us. Since meeting Dane and realizing what he effortlessly did for me I’ve only wanted to surround myself with happy positive, life-giving people. In doing so I’ve met a friend at church who loves my red hair and even tried to dye hers at home. I in turn love her big doe eyes. I baby sat for a friend who’s daughter loved my freckles or ‘angel kisses’ as she called them and asked me to draw some on her while we played dress up. I told her I loved her glasses and wished I could wear some like hers. So she let me wear her old pair (which were too small for my head and gave me a slight headache but that’s beside the point). My point is that if you surround yourself with the right people you will hopefully begin to see yourself through their eyes.

Since being in the wedding industry I discovered an amazing christian, mom, wife, friend and professional. I’ll admit that I originally began following her on instagram and Facebook because of business but I’ve continued following her because she is a light to SO many people, including myself. She’s helped people not just in the wedding industry but in every walk of life-stay at home moms, authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs etc. Her name is Lara Casey. She recently posted a blog with a video that inspired me to finally write this post. I had to share and posted the video below. I hope you have 5 minutes to watch it. Lara always has something inspirational to say and her latest blog post is beautiful. If you’d like to read her post click HERE. I hope you take her words to heart and fully, unabashedly believe them.

My prayer for you today is that you have a Dane or a friend or a loved one who SHOWS you how beautiful you are and that you are enough. If you don’t, call me! We have wasted enough time defining ourselves by the negative.

My definition of me: faithful believer, happy wife, mama to two beautiful fur babies, sister, friend, wedding professional, dream maker, hairbrush singer, underwear dancer, big chance taker, hugger, cross fit enthusiast, amateur chef, book worm, camper, river floater, chocolate lover, nap taker, and most importantly a freckled-face-red-headed-tomboy (notice I didn’t add skinny to the mix – being happily married took care of that one, HA!).

How do you define you??

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